Goodbye ‘VLA’: After selling food to live and losing exclusivity on Televisa, villain returns to ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A renowned actress and host, who lost her contract of exclusiveness in Televisa after 29 years, he reappeared in the program Today and made a strong confession, after a few years ago he betrayed his company and arrived at the morning of the competition come the joy. It’s about the Mexican dear Isfel Violetwho is internationally known for her role as villain in junior novel Dare to dream.

The also singer began her artistic career in the San Ángel company since she was a child and has worked in endearing melodramas such as Maria Isabel, Between love and hate, Hurrah for the children!, Lola, once upon a time Y my husband has a family, to name a few. In addition to more recently reaching Today as a contestant on The Stars Dance Today and managed to become champion alongside Luis Fernando Pena.

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In addition to being an actress of excellence, the native of CDMX has also bet on business and during the pandemic she started her own food stand, where he prepares hamburgers and banderillas, which unfortunately had to close because it was no longer making a profit. At that time he also confirmed that he no longer had exclusivity on Televisa since he debuted on the screen of Aztec TV giving an intimate and exclusive interview to the program VLA for section in their battles.

Violet in ‘VLA’

However, Isfel was not vetoed of the San Ángel television station and is still very active, she recently participated in an episode of this story resonates with me and is also part of the evening program + night with Israel Khaitovich. On the other hand, yesterday morning, Friday, August 12, the actress from 37 years reappeared in the morning Today to share great news as he announced that he is already preparing his wedding with your partner Raul Bernal.

Violeta commented that she is already preparing to say yes to her husband legally, since in the past they had been married but only through a ritual: “We want to get married civilly but we still don’t know when.” The renowned interpreter explained that the big day could happen after she premieres her new work Lagunilla, my neighborhood but he reiterated that there is no exact date and for this reason he asked all his fans to keep a close eye on it.

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Likewise, Isfel stated that her husband had been inspired by seeing her participating in The Stars Dance Today and for this reason she wants to take dance classes, for which she does not rule out giving a surprise show on her wedding day. She also explained that they are looking for godparents for their civil celebration and asked all of his followers that if anyone wants sponsor her with something, look for it in their networks to agree.

The singer from the capital was also very moved when she remembered how her first wedding was, which took place under the sect of the Essenes, and assured that she and Raúl they had 146 lives looking for each other until they agreed on this one: “Meeting each other in this life was very important.” It should be noted that the driver Andrea Legarreta He was shocked by this statement and could not contain his laughter before the cameras of the Las Estrellas morning show.

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