Golden cinema: Why did Chachita get angry when asked about Pedro Infante?

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Evita Múñoz together with Freddy Fernández achieved what few others have achieved, becoming one of the most beloved and endearing couples on the big screen, since their characters from ‘El Pichi’ and ‘Chachita’they stole the hearts of all the Mexicans on the tape ‘We poor’.

Along with Pedro Infante, the actress managed to position herself as one of the most remembered and requested faces of the time of the Mexican Golden Cinema, since in the films ‘We the Rich’ and ‘Pepe the Bull’her character of the protagonist’s niece conquered the viewers.

However, over the years, a somewhat strange phenomenon enveloped the life of the actress, because although in the movies she showed a relationship of affection and closeness with the Mexican idol, in real life she asked that she not even tell him. they will mention

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In agreement Muñoz’s companions, she was furious that they reminded her of Infanteand even the condition for giving interviews to the media was that they not ask him about him, because he preferred not to continue the interviews and remain silent.

Why was Chachita silent when asked about Pedro Infante?

There were several theories about his refusal to talk about the leading man of Mexican cinema, one was that Pedro Infante he was upset because the humility and simplicity of Eva Munoz overshadowed it on tape ‘We the noble’; It was also rumored that the famous woman was mistreated by him, since according to people, this was evident in the strong scenes they did for the tapes and it was also said that he harassed the young woman.

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These versions took on greater force at Infante’s funeral, since Evita Munoz did not show upas well as to posthumous tributes.

Nobody understood how the fraternal relationship in the cinema had been broken from one day to the next. However, that annoyance and that silence had a reason and he had nothing to do with those rumours.

The reality was that she had made a pact not to reveal details of the Mexican’s private lifeso the best way to do it was by keeping silent and avoiding being questioned about it, so there is only one interview in which the actress told how the trilogy of tapes in which they both worked changed the career of ‘Idol of Guamuchil’.

“He had not achieved that identification that he achieved with his character from ‘Pepe el Toro’, with which he snatched the hearts of all the Mexican people,” he said in that interview.

This pact did ‘Chachita’ with Irma Dorantesthe last wife of Pedro Infante, who was one of her best friends and even asked her to be the godmother of their daughter’s baptism.

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It was because of that affection that he had for both of them, that Chachita promised that she would never sell and reveal exclusive information of the also singer, a pact that he kept until the day of his death and of which it was known thanks to Irma Doranteswho in his book recounted details of the great friendship and affection that Pedro Infante and Evita Muñoz had for each other.

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