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What started as a culinary caper, ended up being the cabal for the National selection who won the gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics.

It was not a European eccentric dish, but American hamburgers that Mexican players achieved in the London Olympic Villageand so he remembered Nestor Glasswho was part of the team led by Luis Fernando Tena.

are met 10 years of that great achievement: August 11, 2012. Mexico U-23 beat Brazil 2-1 at Wembley to claim Olympic glory. The cabal? Hamburgers, soft drinks and desserts that they consumedeven secretly prior to each match since the Quarterfinals.

“It’s been 10 years, it’s worth it! Nothing happens. Maybe some of them know that we had the cabal of eating hamburgers before the game. In fact, there were two players who left at 2 or 3 in the morning on all fours, because in the Olympic Village we were like in an apartment tower. They all connected. Teacher Tena left his door open to listen to any movement (laughs).“, revealed Nestor Glass a halftime in interview.

They crawled out at dawn to go for dessert, for hamburgers, for soft drinksand the next day all the players knew, but they didn’t. It was like a secret between the players, inside. That was the success of the Selection“.

The Mexican team started the Olympic Games without being in the Olympic Village in London. They confronted South Korea in newcastlea Gabon in Coventry Already Swiss in Welshso it was up to Quarterfinals that arrived at the home of the Olympic athletes and that’s where the hamburger cabal began; Marco Fabian Y Giovani dos Santos they were the players sneaking around to get them.

“It was in the Olympic Village. The first 3 games played us away, in different venues. When we passed in first place in the group, we got the Villa, prior to the Quarterfinals. Since we had had a lot of focus time with sports food, they give us a night off from dinner, so we go for the burgers”, confided Glass.

Athletes found it strange that 45 hamburgers, 60 soft drinks, 30 or 40 desserts, who stared at us… ‘well we’re in a jock competition and these guys are eating that.’ It was giving us a de-stress in the food. We beat Senegal (4-2), which for me was the most difficult match, and it was taken as a cabal. There was no need to change and we continued like this until the Final”.

The Burger Cabal

You don’t have to look far“, remember Glass when mentioning those who were in charge of making the cabal official, after it started as a prank: “The happy compadres who brought the relaxation. Those of the cabal were the greatest: Chuy Corona, Carlos Salcido and Oribe Peralta”.

In the semifinalsMexico beat Japan 3-1 and the Final against Brazilwho was beaten 2-1, with two goals from the experienced Oribe Peralta.

Although it is a tournament with an age limit, Brazil is Brazilbut the pressure was soon shaken off by Mexico: “We took that out of our minds. If you enter the field and see them as your idols, you automatically block yourself and you are losing. We didn’t see it that way; on the contrary, we motivate ourselves by saying ‘we are going to beat those figuresWe are going to take away what they love so much. They came confident, because they had made a very good championship. Neither team put them on the spot, so they were confident that they were going to beat us and that motivated us, too”.

Was a Brazil with Neymar, Marcelo, Thiago Silva, Hulk, alex sandro, Alexander Duckamong others. And even so Mexico did not shrink.

We cut their game from the first minute. Tena told us clearly: you have to put pressure on them, take the ball away from them. And with the passing of the minutes they began to get very desperate, because they could not find spaces, the beautiful game (Jogo Bonito). With us they couldn’t find that style. That desperation I began to notice. I started that game from the bench, but I had to enter. I remember from the bench what that desperate Brazil looked like, and us trying to play with that desperation”, he added Glass.

“I’m going to kick Neymar.”

Nestor I was clear then what should I do to drive Brazil crazy and followed the script to the letter. Everything went according to plan.

When it was my turn to enter, that was it: playing with his desperationn. Come on in, the first thing I said was… ‘I’m going to kick Neymar’. And I won the yellow“.

And so it was, the “Woody” Glass it was painted yellow at minute 89, for an entry on the star Neymar.

“I had her in mind. In fact, I told Toño (Rodríguez); I was sitting with him and I told him ‘if I have to go in, I’m going to kick Neymar. It doesn’t matter if they admonish me. She already had it budgeted. And yes they warned me, I didn’t hit it like I would have liked, but I sang it… To make you feel. That he knew it wasn’t easy. You know him, he likes to face, in a certain way make fun and not here. Here it is serious. We were convinced that that medal was not going to go away and for that it was“.

After the final whistle, the gold.

“I was talking with Marco Fabián about that feeling that went through my head, everything I lived to be where I was standing, that dream I had of being a footballer, how complicated it was. In the same process of the Olympics, being left out of the Copa América for everything that caused indiscipline. I thought I was going to stay out, because I was suspended for 6 months. Everything that was complicated by the media, the psychological, everything went through my head“, I agree Nestor Glass when speaking for the first time for an informative medium of those episodes.

Key: Tena’s speech

At all times, the motivation came from within, with a Luis Fernando Tena precise in his speech; reached the players in mind and soul.

His speech was always ‘winning’, motivating us, that we were coming to a competition that could be historic for Mexican soccer. All this he always manifested. We were convinced of the goal we wanted as a team. Many things were talked about outside, the press didn’t trust us, or the people themselves, but within the team it was always that mentality“, said Glass.

The documentary and the joy

My skin still gets goosebumps. I’ve seen the documentary they made of us. I did not know that they were recording us in the dressing roomwhen he was saying the words to us before going out to the field. He also said that in the talk at the Olympic Village, which was with the alignment, more privateand it was as it is. We come to compete at a great party and at the great party you always have to stay until the end and as winners. It happened, thank God.”

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