Sheinbaum exhibits Sonora Grill for seeking an agreement with COPRED “in the dark”

The head of the Government of Mexico City, claudia sheinbaumdenounced and exhibited to the restaurant Sonora Grill for seeking an agreement with the Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination of Mexico City (COPRED) “in the dark”.

During a press conference, Sheinbaum explained that the owners and legal representatives of the restaurant are under investigation due to discrimination evidenced through social networks.

In that sense, the local president revealed that the legal representatives of the Sonora Grill searched for the head of the COPRED, Geraldine Gonzalezto ask you to fix the matter.

Despite this, Sheinbaum made it clear that this situation is not an issue politicalbut described the restaurant’s response to the process carried out by COPRED as serious.

“Let it be very clear, this is not a political issue. Agreements in the dark no longer exist in the government from the city; if they were used to that, it’s over for them,” he maintained.

In addition, Sheinbaum said that Geraldina González de la Vega, the head of COPRED, requested interviews with the owners and legal representative of Sonora Grill as part of the investigations, but they replied that they wanted to see her to “fix the problem.” political issue”.

González de la Vega told them that the issue had nothing to do with politics, but rather with the discrimination in the restaurant due to the skin color.

“It seems serious to me, I think it must be reported, it has nothing to do with politics and the Sonora Grill has to respond to the protocol that exists for any of these cases in the case of Copred,” said Sheinbaum.

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In turn, he reported that two people identified as legal representatives of the business requested a meeting with González de la Vega to discuss the political issue before the legal.

In a subsequent call, they insisted on the meeting assuring that the restaurant and its waiters were being attacked because of COPRED.

The head of government reiterated that the issue of the Sonora Grill is not a political issue, but a legal, legal procedure, in which they have to collaborate and continue with procedures, interviews with staff, waiters, diners.

Lastly, Sheinbaum called on the population to report restaurants with discriminatory practices.

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