Which clubs did not send managers to a meeting with MLS? -David Medrano


Blue Cross, scratched, Xolos and Querétaro, were the only ones that did not have representatives at the meeting of leaders of Mexican and United States clubs that took place last Tuesday in Minnesota. For the North American clubs, the meeting was so important that they had as special guests the owners of the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. The main theme of the meeting was unification in order to exploit the Hispanic market in the United States. All the teams of the MX League they were invited and the four mentioned above did not send representatives.


The cry of ‘Puto’ appeared in the stands of the Minnesota stadium, which caused the local sound to have to turn up the volume in the final part every time the United States goalkeeper cleared. The fans warmed up to the referee’s decisions and to being down on the scoreboard, and they ended up shouting regardless of the local sound’s recommendations. The situation worried the people of the MLS and SUM, since it was considered that this issue was already under control and now it was clear to them that it will be an issue to work on for the Leagues Cup to avoid problems.


Surprising was the appointment of Adonai Escobedo as arbitrator of America against Cougars, however, it is clear that for the Commission it is a litmus test for the whistler, to find out if he is already in a position to be considered for important matches or if it is definitely not enough. The responsibility also belongs to Armando Archundia and Enrique Osses, since on paper it seems that there were better options for a type of party like that.


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