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The heat has hit much of Europe in recent weeks, triggered fires and a severe drought in different countries of this continent.

They have even reported about 600 heat-related deaths in Spain and Portugal, where in recent days 47 degrees Celsius were reached.

Climatologists have warned that global warming has increased the frequency of extreme weather events and studies show that the probability of temperatures in Britain reaching 40 degrees Celsius, 10 times higher than in the pre-industrial era.

The drought and heat waves linked to climate change have also made it more difficult to fight fires on this continent.

However, these factors have motivated the rivers of Europe reach their lowest levels. According to half Spanish DWFrom Portugal to Italy, governments have asked their citizens to limit water use to a minimum, but in some places this is not sufficient.

Which rivers in Europe face the lowest water levels?

Rin River

water levels on the river rhine they could reach a critical low point in the coming days, German officials said on Wednesday.

the last few weeks with dry weather have made this river, which is one of the main waterways in Europe, begins to dry up as its water level drops. This could bring with it transport problems for goods such as coal and gasoline, which are transported by boat on this river.

The river water is forecast to fall to a critical depth of 40 centimeters no later than next Friday, August 12. So far, the score is still expected to fall to 37 centimeters the next day.

River Po

Drought and unusually high temperatures have raised salinity in Italy’s largest delta, home to the mighty po riverwhich flows into the Adriatic Sea, south of Venice.

The amount of water that flows into the delta from the Po it is lower than ever, just 95 cubic meters (3,350 cubic feet) per second last month, due to a lack of winter snow cover and spring and summer rains. It is one tenth of the annual averages. Almost two months have passed since the farmers They have been able to use the river water for their crops.

In addition, this phenomenon has killed rice paddies and clams, which are a key ingredient in the traditional Italian dish spaghetti alle vongole.

Thames River

The source of Thames Riverin England, is drying up due to prolonged extreme temperatures and drought.

It drifted eight kilometers downriver from Cirencester to Somerford Keynes, due to intense drought across the country, Rivers Trust science and policy director Rob Collins revealed.

“After prolonged dry weather, the source of the Thames in Gloucestershire is running dry and right now it can only be see a weak current more than five miles downstream“, held.

In addition, he noted that temperatures are expected to increase in the country in the coming weeks and warned that England should be prepared for longer periods of drought.

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