IMSS Oaxaca recommends healthy eating plan for people with diabetes

It is important to eat healthy foods, drink plain drinking water, practice physical activity and exercise for a healthier and more pleasant life.

Oaxaca, Oaxaca. August 11, 2022. The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Oaxaca recommends the general population, especially people with diabetes, to eat healthy foods, drink plain drinking water, practice physical activity and exercise for a healthier and more pleasant life.

Within the framework of the PREVENIMSS+ strategy, Dr. Marta Escobar Vázquez, head of the Medical Benefits area, pointed out that maintaining a balanced diet, practicing sports, and consuming water are essential to improve our quality of life.

He explained that this campaign has the objective of promoting healthy eating habits, physical activation and self-care of health to detect in a timely manner diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, which affected the quality of Oaxacans after confinement due to the COVID health emergency. -19.

Escobar Vázquez mentioned that a person lacking a healthy diet is exposed to being overweight or obese, making him vulnerable to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, among other pathologies.

“Nutrient deficiencies also cause diseases. Vitamins and minerals are necessary in the body, insufficient consumption of some food groups such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains or foods of animal origin causes a deficiency of some nutrient such as iron, or some B complex vitamin leading to diseases like anemia or something else,” he said.

The doctor stressed that the beneficiaries in the Family Medicine Units are provided with a balanced and personalized meal plan according to the biological condition of each person, if they are in good health, have a chronic-degenerative disease, are underweight or have a pathology that must be treated in an integral way with its diagnosis and treatment.

Finally, he commented that society should be aware of having a healthy diet, because unfortunately having bad habits and a life of excesses makes us a target for chronic-degenerative diseases.

For this reason, the call of the IMSS in Oaxaca for the population to raise awareness and join this national strategy focused on ensuring that health services have a preventive approach and not only curative, and are equal for the entire population.

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