China closes a website critical of health policies

The authorities of China They closed a web page this Thursday for criticizing the Government’s position in favor of the use of traditional medicine and other natural remedies to deal with the coronavirus.

The Dingxiang Yuan health platform has thus been blocked by the regulatory authoritiesso you will not be able to spread articles through your social networks, according to sources close to the matter revealed to the ‘Nikkei Asia’ newspaper.

The website – which has millions of followers – was used to uncover “fake news” and discredit information about possible treatments for COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases.

The authorities have indicated, however, that the suspension of the page is due to a “violation of the regulation”, although they have not given more details in this regard. The closure is expected to last a month.

Last April, when 25 million residents of the city of Shanghai were under lockdown, the platform published a series of articles warning of the use of natural treatments. “Do not take your medication if you are not ill,” he said then.

Beijing has defended its health policies against the pandemicbut has raised controversy due to its strict restriction measures, especially throughout this year.

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