Cervicalgia and back pain in childhood

Back pain in children is often related to injury, muscle strain, overuse of the back, or a combination of these causes.

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Back pain in children and newborns is more common than we might imagine. In the case of babies, it can be due to a complicated, long, difficult, slow delivery, or due to the position in the womb before birth.

For children, it can be caused by a change in exercise routine, the weight of backpacks, muscle strains, or it can even be related to more complex conditions such as kidney infections or stones.

The pain can vary in intensity: When there is a soft pain, the child shows discomfort that does not prevent him from carrying out his daily activities normally, such as going to school, playing or sleeping. When it comes to a moderate pain, there is difficulty in carrying out some normal activities, and it can even interfere with sleep. Now if the pain is intenseprevents you from doing all normal activities.

Some symptoms

  • tense muscles
  • Middle or lower back pain
  • discomfort when bending
  • Muscles near the spine are tender to touch.

If, along with this symptomatology, the child presents with fever, weight loss, difficulty walking, numbness, weakness, leg pain or intestinal problems, they should receive medical attention as soon as possible.

Generally these discomforts usually disappear after a period of rest, analgesics and the rethinking of some activities. Applying heat to the affected area, stretching and doing exercises to strengthen the back are some of the recommendations that professionals usually give for the most common pain.

Back care for babies

Unfortunately, there is little awareness of caring for the spine of babies and the truth is that it is a quite delicate area. There is no record of chiropractic checkups to avoid future injuries and poor posture.

Carrying the baby properly, a comfortable mattress, taking extreme precautionary measures during playtime and correcting posture from an early age is an effective way to prevent injuries and pain in the future.

Learn more about the benefits of chipractic in childhood.

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