Caught his date, CJNG unleashed a wave of violence

A federal operation for a drug summit discovered by the Army in Ixtlahuacán, Jaliscowas what unleashed the violent day on Tuesday in that entity and Guanajuato, which left 16 criminals captured, 30 businesses burned, 14 roadblocks, 40 vehicles incinerated, as well as gasoline drums and more than 30 weapons (such as rifles) seized.

This was confirmed by Luis Cresencio Sandoval, head of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), who specified that the criminal encounter was between Ricardo Ruiz Velasco, the RRand Gerardo Gonzalez Ramirez, The Apaidentified as heads of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), who supposedly negotiated the succession of El Mencho.


In the morning conference at the National Palace, the general specified that the drug lords are not among those arrested during the operation. “We did not locate them (the leaders), a fence is being carried out and we hope that with daylight we can identify where they are hiding,” he reported to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He explained that reports reached the military bases of the presence of trucks with armed people in Ixtlahuacán, and when elements of the Army arrived in the area to corroborate, various confrontations were generated.

Due to the large number of criminals, the armed forces requested reinforcements, so more soldiers and a National Guard helicopter arrived, who repelled the attacks, resulting in a deceased alleged criminal.

In reaction, criminals carried out six blockades in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. There, five criminals were captured with 13 vehicles and 31 weapons, two of them 50 caliber.


The balance in this entity also included 14 cars and a businesscio set on fire

The attacks spread to Guanajuato, where there were 11 detainees, six blockades, 29 businesses burned (including 25 Oxxo stores), 26 vehicles burned, and gasoline drums seized.

In addition, several educational institutions, both public and private, decided to suspend classes yesterday to prevent more violent acts.

Among the schools that closed are the León campus

from the University of Guanajuato, the Ene León UNAM, the Cecyt, the Quetzalcóatl University, the Irapuato Institute, the San Ángel del Sur University, the Tec de Monterrey and the Kipling Institute,

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, reported that the Metropolitan Coordination Table will be held in permanent session to act in the event of any eventuality and maintain communication with both the authorities of the three levels of government and the citizenry.

The aspirants to the throne

The empire of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, The Mencho, absolute leader of the CJNG, is the size of a small country. His more than 20 investments in black markets

—from drug trafficking to cryptocurrency laundering— have generated assets worth at least $20 billion, according to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism at the University of Maryland.

It has territory, a population that is loyal to death and an internal government with its own laws that it rules with a heavy hand.

His criminal organization has a flag, anthems and symbols that exalt everything from obedience to terror. The US Department of Justice ensures that it has a treasury, spokespersons, representatives abroad and even areas dedicated to relations with businessmen and the press in Mexico.

But there’s a problem: The Mencho, 56, is sick, according to a report prepared by the Secretary of the Navy. And that will only lead to three scenarios: his early capture, his abdication, or his death. This has accelerated a violent succession process.

The first on the list to assume leadership in the CJNG is Ricardo Ruiz Velasco, the RRwho last Tuesday released the cartel’s social base to distract the soldiers and flee amid the chaos.

Together with his partner Juan Carlos González, The 03, the RR created the organization’s most loyal and deadly armed wing, the Elite Group, inspired by the paramilitary guards that protect autocratic leaders.

As head of said group, Ruiz Velasco leads incursions into Guanajuato Y Zacatecaswhere he has the mission of expelling the cartel from Sinaloa.

However, his rise to the throne will not be easy. At least two other characters compete for the position.

This is Hugo Gonzalo Mendoza Gaytán, they call him The Toad King because it catches people with the speed with which an amphibian devours a fly.

This capo is a recruiter of criminals to whom he offers attractive economic offers that he can afford, since he is the bossfe de plaza de Puerto Vallarta, where he allegedly orchestrated the assassination of former Jalisco governor Aristóteles Sandoval.

The other is Audias Flores Silva, who is nicknamed The gardener because it “plants bodies”. The US government is offering $5 million on his head. He fundamentally he is a strategist who started out as the head bodyguard of The Mencho and traffic endedwhen methamphetamine.

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