Without a job and alone: ​​After leaving TV Azteca and coming to ‘Hoy’, former Televisa actress debuts on ‘VLA’

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Mexico City.- A renowned actress, who remained 25 years missing of Televisa and a few months ago he gave an exclusive interview to the program Todaycaused tremendous surprise because a few hours ago it reappeared in Aztec TV because he made strong statements before the morning cameras Joy Come: Weekend. The famous declared that she ended up sunk in depression after staying jobless during the pandemic.

It’s about the dear Andrea Noliwho achieved great fame thanks to the Ajusco television station, where he was given the opportunity to be villain Y protagonist great stories like Forbidden kisses, looking for a man, For you, Top Models, The Sanchezes, brunette passion, Red Sky, among other melodramas. However, few remember that she was actually the artist from Paris, France, who began her career on Televisa.

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The interpreter of 49 years debuted on the San Ángel television station in the early 90’s and participated in successful soap operas such as If God takes my life, little girls, Pink Shoelaces Y Acapulco, body and soul, until in 1999 he changed to the ranks of TV Azteca. However, during this 2022, Andrea returned to Canal de Las Estrellas acting in a chapter of this story resonates with me and also giving several interviews to the program Today.

Andrea Noli in ‘Today’

However, yesterday morning, Sunday, August 7, Noli, who became single mother after getting pregnant while she was the actor’s lover Jorge Salinasdealt a heavy blow to Televisa’s rating as it reappeared on Canal Azteca Uno through an interview with VLA: Weekend. During the talk, the beloved actress admitted that due to the pandemic she went through a stage of depression because she was out of work for several months.

I really felt (bad), I think I did fall into a depression, like many people, I was already desperate because I needed to activate myself, “he said.

the protagonist of live out of time He also explained that fortunately, he was able to get ahead of this crisis and that is how he decided to self-employ producing and acting in the play Autopsy, which she presents in the city of Querétaro where she lives. “It is very important to recognize and accept when one is bad and sad, not to deny what is happening to us and it is okay to lick our wounds for a little while but (we must continue)”.

Speaking of a little more personal issues, the mother of Valentina Noli She confessed that she has been single for several years, however, she said that she feels full with or without a partner and for that reason she is not in a hurry to return to a relationship: “I haven’t had a partner for like 3 years, but I’m very comfortable like this I can spend many periods single, I don’t need someone to feel full and loved, although of course the love of a couple is a wonderful complement, “he added.

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