The possible illegality in De Jong’s contract with Bartomeu

The FC Barcelona continues to monitor the situation Frankie de Jong In this transfer market, the intention was to sell it, but given the refusals, they are already studying keeping it. Precisely the culés have been eyeing the Dutch midfielder’s contract and it seems that several irregularities have appeared that could get both the player and the previous culé board of directors, led by Joseph Maria Bartomeu.

According to ‘The Athletic’, the current Barça board has already spoken with De Jong’s entourage to inform him of these regularities in his contract and they have urged him to revoke this renewal to return to the previous conditions, from when he signed for Barça in 2019. The player renewed his contract during the pandemic by cutting his salary, but he made sure to have a much higher payroll in the following years since now his salary is increasing with each passing year. This is a problem for Barcelona and they have asked him to try to revoke this renewal since otherwise they would have to denounce this irregularity and have legal problems.

They want me to continue in the club

It is true that FC Barcelona has tried to sell Frenkie De Jong to both Manchester United and Chelsea, but now, having solved the economic part, they don’t look badly on the Dutchman staying in the squad as he is a high-quality player , however, they have asked him to make an economic effort since his salary is too disproportionate. The club’s intention is for Frenkie to revoke his last renewal with Bartomeu and collect the figures that were agreed at the time.

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