Ricky Martin: this is what his 4 children look like today

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After his good name and honorability were called into question a few days ago when he was sued by his nephew, Ricky Martin some are taken as a family to heal the ravages of the painful lie, that not only affected him emotionally but also his family and husband.

Ricky has always believed in the importance of keeping the family together, and he has also sought to make his family a source of inspiration for others, as long as their relationship is seen as normal.

Through social networks, the Puerto Rican has shared some images of what his four children look like today, a couple of them are all already teenagers.

This is what the little ones look like

Ricky Martin and his current partner Jwan Josef began to raise a pair of twins who were born by surrogacy, called Matteo and Valentine 13 years old, who always try to accompany their father to various events.

In addition, teenagers have inherited the charisma and gallantry of their famous father and this has led them to become the sensation on the tik tok platform.

Lucia is the only woman in the clan and she is the one who has stolen hearts since her birth, even the singer himself assures that the little girl is the boss at home.

The year after his birth was when the interpreter of “Maria” shared the news with the world that he and Josef had become parents.

The youngest and no less important is two-year-old Renn, who came into Martin and Josef’s lives to further strengthen their relationship.

In addition to the fact that Renn has surprised with the great resemblance he has with his famous father, when he was that age.

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