Princess Diana’s brother published moving photo of Lady Di’s altar in her childhood home

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Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, shared a moving photo of the altar in honor of Lady Di in her childhood home. The count published how the tribute to his late sister continues to be filled with flowers by his followers.

Althorp House is the final resting place of Princess Diana and the same place where she was born and lived the first years of her life. Currently, Charles Spencer lives in said residence of which he has been in charge for 29 years.

Charles Spencer Shares What Princess Diana’s Altar Looks Like

Through his official Instagram account, Princess Diana’s brother shares portraits of his family over the years with his followers. In the same way, he brings Lady Di’s admirers closer to her childhood home by publishing different videos and photographs of the place.

In the house with more than 500 years of history, there is a temple dedicated especially to Princess Diana where admirers can pay tribute to her. The altar is located right in front of the island where Lady Di’s body lies.

Altar of Lady Di at Althorp House

Flowers kindly left by day visitors to Althorp”, The count wrote in the publication, in which the arrangements left for him can be seen. Since fans of Princess Diana cannot visit her grave, they come to pay their respects at the altar of her childhood home.

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