JNS gets booed for being two hours late for a concert

  • JNS was presented at the Potosina National Fair, in San Luis Potosí, on August 6.
  • The audience erupted in whistles, boos and screams because the singers came on stage two hours late.
  • The attendees shouted that they return the money they paid for the tickets.
  • Angie Taddei, a member of JNS, recorded a video to explain that they were not going on stage because there was a problem with the power plant.
The group JNS was presented last Saturday August 6 at the Palenque Fair of San Luis Potosiwithin the festivities of the Potosina National Fair (FENAPO), however, his presentation began two hours later than planned and the public erupted in boosscreams and whistles.

In a video spread on social networks, the discontent of the public that attended the palenque fairwhere the stage is empty and booing is heard from those present, who also shouted the word “fraud” repeatedly and asked for the refund of the tickets.

Faced with such disorder, Angie Taddei, one of the members of the pop group, recorded a video in which she explained the situation: “We are not on stage because the power plants broke, so there is no light. Here we are waiting on the dressing room and here we are all”, explained the singer and showed that she was with Melissa Lopez, Regina Murguia Y Karla Diazher companions in the group, and her production team.

“We are ready with everything, but there is no plant, and if there is no plant, there is no light and there is no music, and if there is no music, then how do we do it?” Angie explained in the video, which was taken up by the page of Facebook gossip.

According to local media in San Luis Potosí, the JNS show, belonging to his tour Metamorphosis Tourwas finally able to start after 2 in the morning and for about an hour and a half Angie, Regina, Melissa and Karla performed their greatest hitsamong which stand out ‘Tell me you Love Me’, ‘The illusion of first love’, ‘I do not ask the moon’ Y ‘Pepe’to mention just a few.

The audience booed and whistled before JNS' performance.

Despite the booing before the concert, once the concert started, the audience enjoyed singing and dancing to JNS’s hits and even gave the members some gifts.

For its part, JNS uploaded to its official account Instagram a video of the presentation and thanked the entire audience for all the displays of affection they gave them that night.

Melissa López while waiting to go on stage.

Despite the fact that many followers commented on the JNS publication how much fun they had in their presentation at the Palenque Fair, there were also those who complained about their unpunctuality, that the show lasted very little and that many songs were owed, because they stayed wanting to sing more of his hits.

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