Alicia Machado denounces that Donald Trump touched her without her consent

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The history between Alicia Machado and Donald Trump is full of dark chapters. The winner of the Miss Universe spoke with Yordi Rosado in her classic Sunday interview about her relationship with the former president of the United States and did not keep anything: she denounced that he, also a businessman, touched her without her consent and that he even wanted to have sexual relations with she.

The actress also appeared this Sunday in one of the most important seats for the Mexican show business. She spoke with Rosado about the most important moments in her life. Of course, the beauty pageant took up a lot of time. She even revealed for the first time that she had surgery for the pageant.

However, it was not on the nose, nor the lips. Machado had his ears operated on because she commented that they had always been a great insecurity for her. For example, she revealed that when she had to go to a party, she put on glue so that they would not come off her head, which caused her some injuries.

Alicia Machado reveals that Donald Trump touched her without her consent

Although her goal was to be a star, Machado achieved everything when she was a beauty queen. She assured that once she was in the contest, she went with the mentality of winning it and she did so. However, the nightmare came when Trump took control of the contest. She was the first Miss Universe of the tycoon and things did not turn out as expected.

As he has already commented before, he suffered “psychological abuse” by the American. “I remember once that in Mar-a-lago, his house, they kept me there almost kidnapped for about 25 days. At that time I was a minor,” Alicia revealed while adding that she was left alone on the property of Trump in a room next to his.

In the same way, she assured that she became rebellious because despite being afraid of her, she did not let herself go and also had many people behind her who supported her. “She brought Me as a pet whenever an event occurred to her. It was not legal for it to be like that, I was Miss Universe, not her lady-in-waiting,” she stressed.

“When we were in that house, on one occasion, we were at this party and he approached me [Trump] I was with two other married couples, very elegant gentlemen and he called me, he approached me, he was wearing my crown, he brought me like a vase woman. She approached me and grabs my buttocks and tells those who are with me, ‘Look, this is my Mis Universe,'” she recalled.

Alicia assured that at that moment she ran to her room and called her father to tell him what had happened and he did nothing but stay with her until she fell asleep. For added protection, she put a chair behind her bedroom door. Later, Trump came up, revealed, and told “Open the door bitch because I’m your boss and I want to fuck with you.”

With great confidence, he said to maintain this saying despite the fact that it is his word against that of the former president. Thus, Alicia Machado denounced that Donald Trump touched her without her consent and also abused her authority to do things with her that should never have happened.

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