Myrka Dellanos gives her consent to the new romance of her ex Luis Miguel, her friend

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After a few years ago she was a couple of Luis Miguel, living a torrid romance, now the presenter Myrka Dellanos puts on the friend’s shirt and defends the alleged relationship that exists between the singer and the Spanish Paloma Cuevaswho is presumed to be his new conquest.

And it is that, According to the presenter, she and the businesswoman are very good friends and maintain frequent communication, for which she revealed that she even wore a Latin American Music dress which was created by the businesswoman, under the Rosa Clara label.

“She and I are friends. She is a beautiful woman and we met years ago, through him (Luis Miguel) and we are still friends. It’s not uncommon for them to go out to dinner, because they’re both single.” said the presenter, while reiterating her support for the new couple.


In addition to what he explained on the “Divas and celebrities” program, that she doesn’t see anything wrong with them holding meetings, They have always been close friends and have had communication.

It must be remembered that Paloma Cuevas together with Enrique Ponce are the godparents of Luis Miguel’s eldest son with Aracely Arámbula. The Spanish businesswoman has been divorced from the bullfighter for some time, so today it is said that she has a torrid affair with the singer of “The girl in the blue bikini”.

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