MX League. Triumph for Claro Sports? This has revealed the new statement from Fox Sports

This Saturday Fox Sports has released a new statement on the subject with Claro Sports After the controversy experienced in the Leon vs America.

That Sunday, July 31, in what was the last game of the Opening Day 6 2022, Of course suffered interruptions in its transmission of Youtube.

Hundreds of users who preferred to see the game on the free platform and not pay for the Fox Sportsthey could not see the entire commitment of Liga MX because at times the signal fell and the legend appeared: “This video is no longer available due to a claim for breach of copyright made by Fox Sports MX”.

But now, after situations like the press release from Of coursesupported by Arturo Elijah Ayub, Fox Sports has released a statement in which they leave the issue alone to reach a resolution that each company use the transmission of both Pachuca and León, as each one suits them best.

“Marca Claro and Fox Sports MX hold conversations in good faith, in relation to the current contractual rights that each one has entered into with Grupo Pachuca,” reads the aforementioned text.

“In this sense, to privilege said conversations and, while a satisfactory solution is agreed for the parties, both will maintain the simultaneous transmission of the Pachuca and León games through the media and platforms that each one decides to use,” added the release.

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