“La Güereja”: this is what she does after leaving the TV Azteca morning shows

Maria Elena Saldana She is one of the most loved and remembered actresses in the middle of the show for her character of “The Guereja”, although he stays away from the spotlight scandal for fraud facing Serge Sendel It took her right into the eye of the hurricane.

Serge Sendel would have brought his role as a fictional villain to reality, as he was accused of fraud by Jorge Reynoso, Noelia’s husband, because he allegedly stole six properties to later sell them fraudulently and among its buyers is Maria Elena Saldana.

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The actress bought one of the properties without knowing what was happening and then sold it to the actor Ruben Cerda. Now Jorge Reynoso denounced Sergio Sendel due to the sale of the properties whose cost as a whole is close to 50 million pesos.

María Elena Saldaña involved in a fraud scandal. Photo: Instagram @mariaelenasalof

What happened to “La Güereja”?

The actress, comedian and singer enjoyed great fame in the 80s and 90s with her child character of Mariquita Pérez Castro, known as “The Guereja“, along with the actor Benito Castro and after that he continued his successful career in the industry in different morning programs.

Maria Elena Saldana, of 59 years, stays away from the spotlight and her presence before the cameras is with her famous character. Although she keeps the details of her private life in total secrecy it is through his social networks where he keeps in touch with his fans.

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The actress continues to conquer her fans as “La Güereja”, although now through platforms such as TikTok and Instagram with funny videos that show her talent as an actress and comedian.


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