José Ramón López Beltrán, son of AMLO, points out classism during a trip to Acapulco

Jose Ramon Lopez Beltraneldest son of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradoraccused classism and even racism before a trip he made to Acapulco.

Through his Twitter account, he shared about his visit to acapulco: “We went to see the sunset in that hotel with a spectacular view.” In a couple of photos he is seen with his wife Carolyn Adams and his children.

“A family took photos of us who apparently did not like that we were there. I hope he classism and racism It’s over in Mexico,” he concluded his message.

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However, it was not the only “tweet” he published on the day. Earlier, he said that last week they had gone to eat at a seafood restaurant in Sinaloa and that in the same way they took pictures of him.

“These photos were taken of us and a family that we had by our side. Next time ask for some photos with us, ”she wrote.

Some Twitter users questioned this trip and the cost of the hotel where López Beltrán stayed. Although there were also those who came out in his defense, such as Epigmenio Ibarrawho tweeted: “The conservative right has the logic of apartheid; they believe that there are areas of “exclusive access” for them and they react angrily: they take photos, insult and attack when they feel invaded.”

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