Argentine journalists ‘highlight’ the superiority of Brazilian clubs


In recent years in South America, specifically in the Libertadores Cup, Brazilian teams have dominated and imposed its authority over the other clubs, especially the Argentines; reason why the journalists from that country have criticized this.

during the program 90 minutes of footballfrom ESPN Argentina, the journalists stated that Argentine soccer, recently with the participation of Boca Juniors and River Plate, is far from reaching them.

Boca Juniors and River Plate today are very far. Today we see that they are far from the truth and it is horrible. The truth is that we are very far from the Brazilian teams. They dominate everything ”, Sebastián Vignolo began.

They highlighted the growth of Flamengo

Similarly, the group that stood out the most was flamingo from Rio de Janeiro, since it has formed one of the best teams not only in Brazil, but also in the American Continent.

“What became the Copa Libertadores? How do we get to that? It is a great domain of the Brazilians. You see Flamengo and think: how are we going to compete against that”, added another of the journalists

While they commented that currently retaining renowned and high-paid soccer players in Argentina looks almost impossible compared, for example, to Gabriel Barbosa.

“In addition to everything, Flamengo manages to keep its stars. Continue with Gabigol: how long have you been at Flamengo? Long ago. Here in Argentina, how long would a player like that last?” declared Carlos Aimar.

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