Yalitza Aparicio shines on the cover of a magazine with a change of look

With a new look, Yalitza Aparicio He impressed his followers by once again being the image of a cover of an important magazine. With these new photos, the native of Oaxaca confirmed again that in addition to being considered for various acting projects, she has also become a fashion reference, which is why she appears in the most prominent publications in this industry.

Magazine Harper’s Bazaar Mexico He showed the cover for the month of August on his social networks and the protagonist of the movie “Roma” appears on it. In addition to posing in a spectacular photo shoot, Yalitza talked about her long-awaited return to acting, as well as her activism in favor of diversity, equality, visibility and human rights of all people.

Yalitza Aparicio presents a change of look on the cover of a magazine

“I came to add a little more to the fight that already existed years ago. Before it was more complicated to talk about inclusion, but today it is easier to be able to touch the subject. These are advances that are taking place and we are all part of the change, ”said the actress for the fashion publication, who a few days ago confessed that she has rejected some roles to break with the stereotypes.

In addition to his powerful message that he gave during the interview, Yali, as his followers affectionately call him, surprised his followers with his new look. In the images, the actress from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, can be seen wearing her long black hair, but this time with a straight fringe, which accentuated the features of her face, which were the protagonists of this session of Photos.

Likewise, the 28-year-old artist posed with modern outfits, with which he showed why he is a benchmark in the haute couture industry. Although on the cover he wears a completely black outfit, in other photos within the edition he can be seen wearing different colored outfits such as a suit with an orange skirt or a jacket and pants in vibrant pink, among other styles.

Yalitza Aparicio is the image of Harper’s Bazaar Mexico Photo: @erickmoreno


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