VIDEO: Man dies after falling into pot of boiling oatmeal

A man tragically died after accidentally falling into a boiling pot, sadly due to severe burns lost his life.

The tragedy occurred last July in Tamil Nadu in India, where a security camera captured the moment exact in the that the subject falls to a boiling potwhich contained very high temperature oatmeal.

According to local media, the victim, called Muthuswamy, was in charge of supervising the preparation of food for a festival that would take place in the town.

Nevertheless, on July 29 the incident took his life and everything was documented in a clipin which the man is seen walking near the bowls of oatmeal when he unexpectedly loses his balance and staggers backwards into the pot.

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Muthuswamy lost his balance

And although he tries to stabilize himself, he falls further back, leaving his entire body in the boiling pot.Seconds later, when bystanders realized what was happening, they tried to help him, but the content was so hot that they immediately walked away.

After several minutes, the poor man finally manages to stand up thanks to the fact that several subjects did not give up and they gave him support and wasted no time, so when he was taken out they rushed him to Rajaji Government Hospital.

Unfortunately, the burns on almost his entire body Muthuswamy died and until now the cause for which the man lost stability next to the pot is unknown, however, his wife said that he suffered from epilepsy, which could have caused the fall.

After the strong events, the police launched an investigation.


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