They guarantee that medical interns will be able to reject positions without consequences: UACJ – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Interns from the degrees in Surgeon, Nursing and Dentistry, have managed to reach an agreement with the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez and are already carrying out their social service.

According to what Jesús Meza, spokesman for the UACJ, commented, there are less than one hundred students who will start their social service this first of August, of which 34 were dissatisfied with the places assigned, however, the IMSS-Well-being gave the opportunity to reject the position without it affecting his degree; They are currently carrying out their social service in places assigned by the Secretary of Health of the State Government.

It was during a meeting held on July 29, it was possible to formalize that the interns who so requested were relocated to the place for the provision of their social service, considering it an area where their integrity was at risk.

At the meeting, which had been agreed at the beginning of the week, Salvador Nava, Director of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, informed the interns of the progress of the procedures before IMSS Welfare, an instance that will proceed to internally process the request for resignation of the aforementioned assignments.

With the foregoing, the concern of the interns regarding their refusal to go to communities considered unsafe was favorably resolved.

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It was mentioned that the UACJ will follow up with each of the graduates during the period of service provision and a work table will continue to address other issues related to their activity.

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