They deny that Rogelio Guerra did not help his daughter in the terror she experienced in her childhood

Last August 2, Phaedra Wardaughter of the late actor Roger Warposted a video on his YouTube channel in which he made strong statements about his childhood and his relationship with his mother, Phaedra Johnson, whom he called a scammer and abuser.

However, the appearance of Phaedra threatens to stain the memory of the actor, because as clarified by Maribel Robles, widow of Rogelio, The actor’s daughter would be lying about the history of her childhood and abandonment, in addition, she revealed that after returning to Mexico to look for her father, she was given psychological therapy.

“Unfortunately, Phaedra is a girl who experienced a lot of physical and emotional abuse from her mother, which we didn’t find out about until she returned. When she arrives, she is received with all the love, the support, she was here for two years, the We went to therapy, she started doing model things and soap operas,” Maribel mentioned for an interview for the “Ventaneando” program.

About the moment when Phaedra decided to walk away from them, she mentioned: “Two years go by, and all of a sudden she says to me, ‘You know what, I’m going to Washington to see a friend for her birthday,’ and about three months later she texts me and he tells me: ‘I’m not going back, I can’t with the family part, I can’t with so much love, not so much affection, goodbye’ and he left”.

But despite the fact that she did not come back, the relationship continued wonderfully, even Rogelio met his granddaughter before her death: “Suddenly he tells us that he is going to get married and that he is going to have a baby. When the girl is born, About a year later, he comes to Mexico; it was still good for Rogelio, he met his granddaughter, who is the only granddaughter he has, and that’s how we continue the relationship, super well.”

Maribel Robles denies Phaedra Guerra

It is important to mention that in Phaedra’s video she confesses that she is writing a book, because what Maribel Robles thinks is all about a strategy for her promotion: “I no longer know if the pretext was really this: ‘I need look for my lost years’ or about the book, do you understand me? Making noise for the sale of the book, I don’t know, “he concluded.

In said video clip, Phaedra revealed that her mother was not a princess and did not graduate as a doctor, but what was relevant was the help she asked for so that she could learn about her first years of life and tell her own version of her family: “I’m making this video in hopes of reaching anyone who knew me during those first ten years of my life that I lived in Mexico, if they can fill in the blanks from my childhood, that would really help me move forward not only with my healing, but also with the writing of this book.

Maribel Robles attacks Phadre Guerra after viral video

But what caused the anger of Rogelio Guerra’s widow the most was that she pointed out him as an irresponsible father who was more interested in fame than in his loved ones and never helped her free herself from her mother: “My mother was a terror and my father stood by doing nothing, he had an incredible career, he was loved and adored, his priority was his career over his children, I do not have the same admiration or respect that others have for him, “he said.

Despite his strong statements, the historical data he mentioned about his life coincide with the version of Maribel Robles, unlike the actor’s last wife, who maintains that the actor’s family always looked for ways to help her and fill her with love.

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