They denounce “pirate” tortillas; why it can be bad for your health

Arturo Javier Solano Andalón, president of the United Groups of Industrialists of the Dough and the Tortilla of the State of Jalisco, reported that “pirate” tortillas have been detected in Durango, Coahuila and Sinaloa.

According to what the businessman told local media, the piracy of tortillas is due to the increase in the price of supplies, which is taken advantage of by some people who lower the quality of the food.

Traditional tortillas are made in formally established tortillerías and so you can know that they have all the permits and respect quality standards in food preparation.

But these “pirate” tortillas are made with more cobs and not corn.

Pirate tortillas, where do they sell them?

There is currently a project to modify NOM-187, which regulates the preparation of tortillas, so that tortilla factories are obliged to inform consumers of the ingredients they use to prepare their tortillas.

These “pirate” tortillas are not sold in established tortilla shops, but are distributed in restaurants and food stalls.

The danger of these tortillas is that they are not made with the same quality and that they can even be made with water that is not drinkable, so it is a health risk.

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