“They are not always good”: the new criticism of the father of Max Verstappen to Red Bull

The one that is starting is the first of the weekends where Formula 1 takes a break after a few initial months of great demand. It is time for the protagonists to recharge energy for the last half where each one will have their objectives. On the side of Max Verstappen his is not a secret, it is known that, if he keeps up the pace, he will comfortably win the two-time championship.

The Dutch driver set the conditions with his eight successes in the season that represent an almost absolute superiority over his pursuers. The projection not only allows us to get excited about that new individual crown, but also about the concrete chance that Red Bull will keep the team consecration after an important drought. In any case, the team is not immune to making mistakes nor is it confident. The one who emphasized these faults was the father of MaxVerstappen, Josh.

The one born in the Netherlands accumulates 258 points

“Red Bull’s decisions are not always good, it’s true,” said the former rider. In statements made to Motorsport.com, likewise, what followed that recognition ended up being a forceful statement regarding the legitimacy of his leadership for being the best: “but they commit less than Ferrari, that’s why Max has an advantage of 80 points on Leclerc”.

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