The strange object that fell from space on an Australian farm

A australian farmer reported the fall of a mysterious object inside your propertythe first investigations point to being an object from space.

Photos obtained by Reuters show the object about 2.7 meters tall in the dream of the farm, the piece appears completely black and seems to belong to a larger object.

In an interview for The New York Times, the farmer assured that the smell of the artifact reminded him of a burned tree or one burning farm machinery.

It’s pretty scary,” the 48-year-old farmer told NYT.

According to the man’s account, he was taking some sheep to graze when he ran into the object on the ground.

Photo: Reuters

What is this strange object?

According to information from NASA expertsthis object would be part of a piece of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, it appears to be part of a segment discarded during the spacecraft’s launch.

The Agency has confirmed that the debris came from a SpaceX mission and continues to liaise with our counterparts in the United States, as well as other parts of the Commonwealth and local authorities, as appropriate,” a spokesperson said.

However, NASA warned that anyone who finds objects of this type should not handle them and should move away to notify the authorities.

If you think you’ve identified a piece of debris, don’t try to handle it.

Falls of this type of space objects have already been reported on other occasions, most of them belong to broken satellites or rockets or that have fulfilled their useful life.

It is thought that in the Earth’s atmosphere there are tens of thousands of objects that make up a ring of space debris.


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