The reason Fey lied about her age early in her career

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Fei She is one of the most popular singers of the nineties. A very beautiful, tender and fun teenager who became known among the young audience for her hits like “Media Naranja”, “Cats on the Balcony” and “Azúcar Amargo”; However, despite her great popularity, Fey starred in one of the strongest controversies of the decade: she removed her age at the beginning of her career.

When he was presenting his first singles, he mentioned that he was 17 years old. Little by little and as he gained followers, they became interested in his personal life, past and present. Between them and the media they discovered that she was not 17 years old, but a few more. Why did she lie to her?

Why did Fey lie about her age early in her career?

In an interview given to Yordi RosadoFey clarified all the mystery of the reason why he removed the age at the beginning of his musical career.

She shared that it wasn’t really her idea, but her team and Sony’s, which also took her by surprise. The first time she lied about her age was during an interview, she recalls, where the journalist was led to believe that she was 17 years old. “In Sony it was my first interview and they introduce me to someone and they start: “Well Fey, well at your young age, at 17 years old” and my face is: What, 17? I’m 21 “revealed.

So he did not stay with the anecdote and He asked them why they said he was 17 when he was actually four years older and they explained that it was a marketing issue, taking advantage of the fact that he still sounded like a teenager.

Now 49, he says he takes it gracefully to still be asked why he lied about his age early in his career. “It makes me laugh that they are worried about that. If I am a singer, I want them to tell me what they thought of the shows or if I sing well or not, the subject of age is absurd”ended the topic Fey.

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