The curious song of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez before the Ortega Police

The bishop of the Matagalpa diocese was prevented from going to the cathedral to celebrate mass on August 4. Meanwhile, Father Uriel Vallejos, who remained locked up also besieged by riot police in Sébaco along with six faithful, finally managed to get out.

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, Bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa, starred this August 4 in one of the most emblematic and powerful images regarding the intensification of the sieges against members of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua.

With the holy in hands, as reported Aleteiaconfronted the Ortega Police claiming that «leave alone» to the Catholic congregation.


Diocese of Matagalpa

However, that image would not be the only one of Álvarez this Thursday, August 4. As the hours passed, it transpired that he tried to go out to the cathedral of San Pedro to celebrate mass, “But riot police moved into attack position and blocked it”as published by local media such asThe confidential.

It was at that time, during the time that was “locked” in the episcopal house where Álvarez, at the door, began to tell the police not to worry, that they were not going to leave (he was there with six priests and six lay people).


Diocese of Matagalpa

And later, as broadcast by the channel of the Diocese of Mataglapabegan to interpret the famous song “Amigo” linked to the Brazilian singer-songwriter Roberto Carlos.

«You are my soul brother, really the friend
that in every way and journey is always with me
Although you are a man, you still have the soul of a child,
the one who gives me his friendship, his respect and affection

“In certain difficult moments in life,
We are looking for someone to help us find the way out,
and that word of strength and faith that you have given me
It gives me the certainty that you were always by my side»

“I don’t even need to say all this that I tell you,
but it is good to feel that you are my great friend»

So far part of the original lyrics that Álvarez interpreted, with some modifications, in front of the police.

Interestingly, this song Robert Charles dedicated to his dear friend Erasmo Esteves was the musical theme with which Mexico welcomed him to Saint John Paul II. that happenedin January 1979 on the occasion of his first visit to the country. Undoubtedly an emblematic song, in the mouth of Álvarez, in front of those who have surrounded him. Mainly on days of maximum tension against the Church in Nicaragua.

The message of support from the clergy

What happened with Álvarez happened during the feast of Juan-Bautista María Vianney, patron saint of priests. In this sense, the priests of the diocese of Matagalpa, which also made international news due to the closure of Catholic radio stations, made public a message in which they expressed “friendship, solidarity, closeness and communion” with Alvarez.

“We urge the country’s authorities to respect freedom of expression and religion in our country. Let the persecution of the Church cease”pointed out the bishops in their message, who also invited the faithful to follow “bending knees” for the Church, for the priests and for Nicaragua.

Uriel Vallejos managed to get out after almost three days of confinement

Meanwhile, this August 4, it was also reported that the father Uriel Vallejoswho remained locked up in the parsonage of the Jesus of Divine Mercy Parishin Sébaco, managed to leave with the six faithful who accompanied him from the August 1.

“Do not leave me alone”had been one of the last messages from Vallejos through social networks, who was recounting through that channel -in addition to some conversation with TV Mercyof the diocese of Matagalpa- what was happening in the place after police and riot police broke into the the Infant Jesus of Prague chapel, the San Luis Gonzaga temple and school.

During that time, Vallejos also said that they were eating with few things that they had in the place and that they were in the dark.

Photo released by Uriel Vallejos during the siege

Uriel Vallejos

Regarding release,The confidentialpointed out in another article that “The evacuation was achieved by a religious commission”. The police also left the scene.

They were dark hours where even the population was attacked by those who besieged the Catholic temple in order to seize the equipment of one of the closed stations.


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