Supergirl will be the next DC movie to be canceled

Following the cancellation of Batgirl, Supergirl will be the next DC Extended Universe movie to be shelved by Warner Bros. Discovery.

Rolling Stone magazine published a report this afternoon to explain why Warner Bros Discovery decided to cancel batgirl. The movie of Leslie Grace it will not see the light of the sun, as we informed you yesterday. However, he has also provided an update on the super girl of Sasha Street. The actress will debut as the cousin of Superman in Flash (2023). It was expected that, from there, it would get its own spin-off movie. However, that project DC Comics I would be in trouble right now.

According to the Rolling Stone medium, other films of the DC Extended Universe have the possibility of being canceled as has happened with batgirl. Experts say Warner Bros. Discovery is not expected to move forward or greenlight the project. super girl. Although it is currently in development by the studio, it will most likely be ordered to be “backed down”.

The return to the essences: the traditional characters of the DCEU

Over the past year, reports have circulated that Warner Bros. Pictures he intended to film Supergirl in the next three years. It placed production plans sometime before the year 2024. Rumors suggested that DC Comics planned to use the Sasha Calle character to reinvigorate the Superman brand. In the absence of henry cavill in that space, Kara Zor-El offered herself as a worthy heir to the Iron Man. That option may no longer be on the table.

Henry Cavill’s Superman has been absent from the DC Extended Universe for five years. Despite this, Sasha Calle will suffer the same fate as Leslie Grace. your project of super girl will not see the light. The future doesn’t really look bright for lovers of Kryptonians, things as they are. The cancellation of two spin-offs starring women is not a good sign for the DCEU. However, it makes sense that Warner Bros. Discovery would want to establish a line of work with more traditional characters.

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