Stolen truck recovered in Querétaro-Chimequillas bypass; there are no detainees

The stolen tractor in the Chichimequillas releasein Querétaro, was recovered by state police, minutes after its operators had been robbed, yesterday, Thursday.

According to local authorities, an operation was deployed, at the height of the northeast bypass, to locate the unit:

“The referred section was visited and the vehicle could be located as well as the full load, in addition, that the passengers are out of danger,” it was indicated via a statement.

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At the moment, although there are no detainees, the police elements have identification data of the vehicles involved in the robbery.

Assault in Chichimequillas goes viral

This Friday, the video went viral in which it is observed how the truck was stolen in the Chichimequillas bypass. The operators were intercepted by several vehicles, from which armed people got out.

The images captured how the operators were threatened, as well as the moment in which the assailants got into the unit, cleaned the area and continued on their way through the bypass.

Internet users disapprove of the facts and request the intervention of the authorities on the country’s highways.

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