Sonora: he was fleeing from hit men and they killed him along with his parents in San Luis Río Colorado

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office explained that there are people detained. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

In the state of soundthe murder of three people was announced, it is a man, who has been said was fleeing from alleged assassinswho murdered him in a house located in the municipality of San Luis Rio Colorado, together with their parents, a woman and a man of 96 and 90 years.

Through a statement shared this Thursday, the Attorney General of the State of Sonora (FGJE), reported that an operation was carried out, as well as the arrest of nine peoplethe securing of weapons, cars and tactical equipment.

He was fleeing from hit men and they killed him along with his parents, older adults, what did the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office report?

According to the official part released by the Sonoran corporation, as a result of the operation carried out by the State Public Security Police (PESP), in coordination with the Municipal Police of San Luis Rio Coloradoof the nine people apprehended, it is analyzed if four of them could be related to the triple homicide.

  • It is worth mentioning that the FGJE specified that the arrests were made in different events.

On the other hand, he specified that they ensured six long weapons and one short, useful cartridges, as well as three vehicles and tactical equipment.

“The Attorney General of the State of Sonora, in coordination with the Sonora Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), carries out ballistic tests and other expert tests in order to investigate the possible participation or relationship with the triple homicide”

The state agency highlighted in its statement

What is known about the victims in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora?

As for the three people who were killed, heThe Attorney General of the State of Sonora reported that it is Felizardo, 62 years oldwho was deprived of his life when he tried to hide in the home, located andn Jamaica Avenue between San Miguel and San Felipe, in the Grullita neighborhood.

  • in this property He lived with his parents, adults older than 96 and 90 years. All three were shot to death.

It should be noted that eyewitnesses indicated that, previously, the house had already been shot at.

Finally, the FGJE He stressed that the investigations continue to clarify the facts and the probable participation of the detainees.

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