Santa Fe Klan surprises his girlfriend Maya Nazor with a serenade

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Santa Fe Klan he is more in love than ever with his girlfriend Maya Nazar. The young rapper did what he does best: sing, and He serenaded the mother of his son to celebrate their first anniversary.

Ángel Jair could not be with Maya Nazor on her first anniversary to celebrate with her, but she rewarded him days later. On Instagram they shared the surprise that the rapper brought him. He published a video recorded by his girlfriend where the young man is seen singing to him with a mariachi from afar.

He took advantage of the moment to apologize to his partner originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos. “Sorry for the time, if I were myself I would go and sing to you with the northerners, but thanks for everything, I love you”Santa Fe Klan mentioned assuring that he would have loved to play him with his instruments.

The video gathered more than 700 thousand likes and thousands of comments applauding how romantic the rapper is and highlighting his loving and very romantic facet.

Just in 2021 Maya Nazor and Santa Fe Klan showed on social networks that they were together, we could see the beautiful young woman in all the rapper’s live performances throughout the Mexican Republic and other countries in the world. Until the month of August they formally announced their courtship.

Maya was repeatedly questioned about her relationship with the Guanajuato native, but mentioned that she liked his ideas and was impressed by his great talent and beautiful heart. “Angel’s heart can be seen for miles and I know that all the people who love him realize this and that’s why they love him”Maya Nazor mentioned.

Watch the Santa Fe Klan serenade Maya Nazor

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