Sabines. Surviving miner recounts accident in Coahuila mine

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Héctor saw when the water that flooded the Agujitas mine covered his companions and he was unable to do anything. He is one of the five miners who managed to escape from one of the three coal mine shafts where 10 of his companions are still trapped.

He says that first they heard something like a strong wind and then the water began to flood the coal extraction ducts and holding a hose, under the water, he took off his boots and the belt where the miners carry the lamp to light up and was able to finally emerge and exit the 60 meter deep mine. Today the relatives of the miners who remain trapped are leading the rescue in which almost 300 people participate, including elements of the Army, Civil protection, state and municipal elements.


In interview with MILLENNIUM, in front of her son’s house in the area known as Barrio Dos, his mother, Doña María explained that Héctor came to this place after leaving the mine last Wednesday and did not want to go to the hospital until they convinced him. He hasn’t gone out today, but they report him in good health.


“He told me that he saw when his companions were covering them with water and without being able to do anything,” he narrated with a broken voice and teary eyes.

“He said that if it sounded very bad, I eat a lot of air and he thought: something is going to happen, and he says when the water came and they couldn’t get out because he also caught the water below and the wood that they have below, as if he pressed, and as he could he took it off. What he did he took off his boots, his belt where he carried the lamp and looked for a hose, I imagine the air hose and that’s where he went under the water and went up and what did he think: the water has to lift me and he left until he reached the well and the water lifted him up and he was able to get out,” said María with teary eyes and a broken voice, remembering how Héctor arrived after the incident with blows to the body and a ringing in his ears.


Fernando Pompa is another miner who went out together with Héctor, both of whom climbed much of the 60-meter-high mine. Fernando’s father denounced that the registration of his son in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) It is wrong, and that it is not the only case, since it assures that one of those who are still trapped had his IMSS registration expired two days when he went down to the coal pit last Wednesday.

“Here he comes, he’s been there for a month (he started working at the mine) but he has more time, he’s been working there for six months.”

He was also a miner.

“I worked a lot in the well but I was upstairs, I was a juggler and I had those types of accidents that filled the well with water and up, up, up, there I was the juggernaut, what then… the one who is on the winch going down and up is responsible for the people who go down and go up”.


In addition, his son has returned to the coal pit to illustrate to the rescuers how the mine design was and to find his companions faster.


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