Ricardo Cadena clarifies why Chivas has not worked as in his interim: Pretexts or truths?

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The rojiblanco coach has no more excuses and hinted that his future is in the hands of the board because he does not intend to resign.

Cadena finally clarifies why Chivas does not work
© Imago7Cadena finally clarifies why Chivas does not work

With seven games without a win and intermittent performance for Chivas de Guadalajara, technician Ricardo Cadena explained part of the most important factors for which they cannot recover the level they showed at the end of the previous campaign when they won five games in a row that allowed them to reach the Quarterfinals.

In the Sacred Flock the situation is more than critical, the results do not arrive and the pressure is increasing at all levels, since both for the strategist and the players and the board, the negative comments from the fans are not long in coming on social networks due to the lack of triumphs that has reached nine games, taking into account those of the last Liguilla against Atlas.

“There have been some situations that have not allowed us to have the full squad. Regarding the last tournament, Sergio Flores and Jesús Ángulo could not start in this one, in fact neither of them has been able to join. Could not start the Rabbit Brizuela, José Juan Macías could not, we have not had Jesús Molina because he will be out for several months and has not allowed us to have the full squad. We have had to consider many young people from Tapatío, who have done a great job, It sure is hard for them but they have been able to learn, overcome and demand that they are capable of achieving it”.

“And the incorporations that have arrived they have done their best but you have to remember that Alan did not arrive in the best of health and everyone knows that Ormeño has just joined and has only been with us for a short time”, was what Cadena commented at the press conference after the defeat with the Sinaloans.

Poll What would you do with Ricardo Cadena?

What would you do with Ricardo Cadena?

I ratify it in the first team

I remove it and look for another DT


What’s next for Ricardo Cadena in Chivas?

According to information obtained by Rebaño Pasión, it will be the following week when the leadership commanded by Ricardo Peláez meets to hold Cadena accountable looking to find a solution or at some point to change course, but it is a fact that for now the The situation of the strategist hangs by a thread to stay on the bench for the Clásico Tapatío.

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