Respond to Anna Ferro about alleged lawsuit against Del Solar

ingrid coronado assures that she did not sue her ex-husband Fernando del Solar, as expressed anna ferro In a magazine with national circulation, the host and ex-wife of Del Solar clarifies what Ferro said through a letter that was sent to the media.

Ingrid points out that in 2016 it was Fernando who promoted a divorce lawsuit that is pending resolution, so last May a judge ordered a socioeconomic study for both parties.

Regarding what Anna said, referring to the fact that Del Solar disagreed with his children’s tuition, because it seemed to him as if they were from university, Coronado clarified in said letter that the judicial authority established and quantified said obligations, in accordance with the possibilities of maintenance debtors, and always in attention to the best interests of minors.

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Ingrid assured that her children’s pensions have not been fully covered for more than a year, and stresses that child support obligations remain even after the death of some of the child support debtors and their non-compliance constitutes an illegal act and, even , a crime.

Coronado also pointed out that there are inaccuracies in what Ferro said about the two properties that Del Solar would have left to his sons Paolo and Luciano, and from which, Anna said, Ingrid collected the rent for the children’s support.

The driver specifies that these properties were paid by Fernando and by her and affirms that each one managed one of the apartments, collecting the corresponding rents until their children were of legal age as part of the procedure initiated more than eight years ago.

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Del Solar’s lawsuit against Coronado

The estrangement between Ingrid and Fernando occurred after the Argentine filed a lawsuit against Ingrid in 2016, in which he requested the dissolution of the marriage bond and the payment of alimony, since he had been out of work since 2012 due to the Hodgkin’s lymphoma that he suffered from.

Due to this condition, Fernando requested that Ingrid take care of the maintenance of his two children, including medical expenses, education, clothing and footwear.

According to the lawsuit, to which “Ventaneando” had access, Del Solar requested for him 30% of Ingrid’s income and the partition of the assets, proposing that he be granted 50% of the total commercial value of the house. in Pedregal, as well as that the house in Cuernavaca be left to him.

Six years after it was presented, its resolution is not yet final, according to Ingrid Coronado.

Fernando del Solar died on June 30 due to pneumonia; his lungs were weak due to the cancer he suffered from years ago. Days before, his father passed away, which had him in a very bad mood.

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