Profeco finds fungi in Oaxaca cheeses; gives LIST of brands that violate labels

The Federal Consumer Protection Office identified that 21 of 41 brands of Oaxaca cheese analyzed did not meet the requirements for minimum percentages of protein and fat, or maximum percentage of moisture; and even found parasites harmful to health in two brands.

Mexico City, August 6 (However).– The Federal Consumer Protection Office (Prophesy) published a list of Oaxaca-type cheese brands, also known as quesillo, which fail to comply with what is said on the label, have a lower grammage than published or even contain fungi and parasites in its components, which are harmful to health.

In the August issue of Consumer Magazinethe federal agency released the results of an evaluation applied to 30 brands of Oaxaca cheeses, eight imitation cheeses and three reduced-fat cheesesincluding brands such as Lala, La Villita and Zwan.

The Attorney General detected fungi, yeasts and pathogenic microorganisms (Staphylococcus aureus) in the marks of Don Lucas RS Oaxaca Type Cheese and Dairy Products HP SA de CV Oaxaca cheese imitation. This last microorganism, Staphylococcus aureus, is a type of bacteria that represents a health risk.

Staphylococcus aureus virus, identified in some cheeses analyzed by Profeco. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In addition to this, there are eight other brands of cheese that do not comply with sanitary quality and are potentially harmful to health: Don Lucas RS Oaxaca Type Cheese, La Pilarica, La Vaquita Oaxaca Type Cheese, Mi Queso Amelia Oaxaca, NocheBuena Oaxaca Craft Cheese, Villa Sana Imitation Oaxaca Cheese, Xacalco Imitation Oaxaca Cheese and Oaxaca Cheese.

In addition to this, the Alpino brand imitation Oaxaca cheese claims to have 400 grams on its label, but it only contains 386 grams. For this reason, Attorney Ricardo Sheffield Padilla announced that this brand, as well as Vaca Blanca, will be withdrawn from the market and it will be verified that the new batches have the indicated weight.

Oaxaca cheese, explained Profeco, is the one made from fresh or powdered milk, whole or partially skimmed, to which calcium chloride, rennet and lactic cultures can be added. To meet this denomination, it must have a minimum of 21.5 percent protein, at least 20 percent butterfat, and a maximum of 51 percent moisture.

Oaxaca cheese must meet minimum protein and fat requirements, as well as a maximum percentage of moisture. Photo: Iván Stephens, Cuartoscuro

Under these guidelines, El Rey Queso Oaxaca and Xaltepec Queso Oaxaca do not meet the requirements to be considered cheeses.

The following cheeses also do not meet the percentages required to be called Oaxaca cheeses:

  • Oaxaca Cheese Don Lucas RS, in bulk.
  • Imitation Oaxaca Cheese Dairy Products HP SA de CV, in bulk.
  • Oaxaca La Vaquita Alcala Cheese, in bulk.
  • Oaxaca La Vaquita Cheese, in bulk.
  • Imitation Oaxaca cheese Xacalco, in bulk.
  • Imitation Oaxaca cheese PROHPER FOODS, in bulk.
  • Villa Sana imitation Oaxaca cheese, in bulk.
  • Imitation Oaxaca Cheese Sotavento, in bulk.
  • Oaxaca Cheese Imitation De Javis, in bulk.
  • Oaxaca Orange Cheese is La Vaquita, in bulk.
  • Imitation Oaxaca Cheese Campo Alegre, in bulk.
  • Oaxaca Xaltepec cheese, in bulk.
  • Oaxaca Cowboy cheese, in bulk.
  • Reduced-fat Oaxaca cheese, Lala brand, 400 g.
  • Vaca Blanca brand artisanal Oaxaca cheese 200 g.
  • Kosher Oaxaca cheese brand San Jacinto 454 g.
  • Bionda brand Oaxaca cheese, 1 kg.
  • Lyncott brand reduced-fat Oaxaca cheese, 400 g.
  • FUD brand Oaxaca cheese, 400 g.
  • Oaxaca brand Mi Queso Amelia, 440 g.
  • Oaxaca cheese brand Santa Clara, 0.505 kg.

Finally, the cheeses that do not comply with the NOM-223 standard by not declaring their minimum percentage of fat, protein and maximum moisture on the label are:

  • Oaxaca Artisan Cheese brand La Huastequita Hidalguense 500g.
  • Oaxaca cheese brand La Pilarica, in bulk.
  • Oaxaca cheese brand El Rey, in bulk.
  • Products that do not declare energy content per container
  • Bové brand Organic Oaxaca Cheese 400 g.
  • Vaca Blanca brand artisanal Oaxaca cheese 200 g.
  • Oaxaca cheese My whim 400 g.

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