On a motorcycle, La Mala Rodríguez raises the temperature with a mini flower dress

La Mala Rodríguez raised the temperature on social networks with a photograph in which he was seen above a motorcycle and wearing a flower mini dress perfect for hot days summersince it is one of the favorite prints of the season.

María Rodríguez Garrido, real name of the singer, has become one of the spanish artists most recognized internationally, and what it confirms with its 1.4 million fans in Instagramplus thousands of others on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

La Mala Rodríguez shines on a motorcycle and turns on the network

And it was precisely in the social network of the “little blue bird” where this Friday the spanish singer shared with his fans a snapshot in which he is seen posing on a motorcycle and showing off a short dress green with flowers white, a look that he combined with yellow lenses.

Bad Rodriguez stole looks with her image. Photo: TW @malarodriguez

“Ainssss”, was the text he wrote “The bad“, as she is also known, to accompany the image in which she has received thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments with messages such as: “Malamamiiii”, “Precious supreme goddess of all fire” and “My dreams come true bb “.

The also actress, 43 years old and who has collaborated with artists such as Juan Magán and Lola Índigo, has become popular on social networks for her sensual and daring images with which raise the temperature and it is also confirmed as one of the most beautiful Spanish women.

“La Mala” conquers with her mini flower dresses

Born in the province of Jerez de la Frontera, in the city of Cádiz, in the southeast of Spain, from a young age she showed an interest in music, however, before reaching success she was a waitress, an aerobics teacher and a cleaning worker. At the age of 19 she decided to move to Madrid and start an artistic career.

Today things are very different for the also actress and composer, because her fame has led her to be one of the most recognized representatives of the rap genre in the world, and currently, thanks to social networks, the bad rodriguez also imposes with his looks, especially with the mini flower dresses that are perfect for him summer.

Short floral print dresses are perfect for summer. Photo: TW @malarodriguez


From the beach, La Mala Rodríguez boasts a figure in a fitted dress of “fire”

La Mala Rodríguez turns on the net with a fitted pink dress | PHOTO

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