Mourning on Televisa: After leaving TV Azteca, actress of ‘Una Familia de Diez’ confirms tragic death

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Mexico City.- A beloved actress A family of tenwho in 2021 betrayed Televisa with Aztec TV after 24 years in the company, he reappears with a heartbreaking newsas he informed his fans about a sad death. Is about Mariana Bootswho debuted on the television station in San Ángel in 1998 with his first child role, leaving melodramas in 2011 to focus on comedy series such as the one created and starring Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Boots has acted in telenovelas like A light on the path, Serafin, Christmas story, The price of your love Y Dare to forget meparticipating in his latest fiction project in 2011, Hope of the heart. Since then, the actress has been part of units such as The Rose of Guadalupe Y as the saying goeshowever, his great leap to fame was when he ventured into comedy in the successful series by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, A family of tenwhere it gives life to ‘Martina‘.

Mariana Boots is in ‘A Family of Ten’

Despite its success on the channel The starsMariana impacted everyone by moving to the ranks of TV Azteca in 2021 to participate in the reality show Everybody dance, from where she was eliminated after being captain of one of the families that competed to win. This year, the actress returned to Televisa in a new season of A family of tennevertheless, he dresses in mourning and confirm heartbreaking death. Mariana announced that she had lost a loved one, whom she said goodbye to with a emotional message.

The actress told her Instagram followers that her husband had passed away. pet Leyla. Along with some photographs of her, the 32-year-old interpreter spoke of the loss of her beagle breed dog after several weeks of presenting health problems: “Fly high, beautiful Leyla… we will miss you very much. You will always live in our hearts, princess. We love you forever, doll,” she wrote. Immediately, she sent him comments of encouragement and signs of affection to be able to get ahead of this painful event.

Mariana Boots lost her pet

“I’m just doing this story to thank you for your beautiful messages of love for Leyla,” said Mariana, in addition to revealing what happened to her pet: “The truth is that they were very complicated weeks because as much as we took her with several doctors, they couldn’t find what he had and just yesterday he showed signs that it could be something in his heart, but his little body couldn’t take it anymore. But hey, he’s resting now, thanks for all your love, your support and your nice words I love them so much,” he concluded.

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