Mariazel wears mini shorts on a night walk in Playa del Carmen

When it comes to summer looks, Mariazel has become one of the references, since in his social networks he constantly shares some outfits that are going very well this season, such as el white shorts with which he was seen during a night walk in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, place characterized by high temperatures.

The star of the show”I’m Falling Laughing” He is in the Rivera Maya, not to take days off, but he is in this paradisiacal place to work, since he is doing different sports and recreational activities in Playa mommies. This time she is in the company of Yurem, who is also part of the so-called “dysfunctional family” and is the conductor of different projects.

This is what Mariazel looks like with a casual short look

Because in this place the temperature rises, Mariazel Olle chose to use a short shorts, which he combined with a gray printed shirt and sandals, resulting in a casual look, that despite not being very produced, it did exude style for this summer season in which it is ideal to end the heat by being as cool as possible.

Mariazel conquers in shorts for the summer Photo: Special

It was through her Instagram stories that the TUDN host revealed her casual outfit, which she wore while taking a walk through the streets of Playa del Carmen. In the video she entertained with the song “cuban pete” of “The Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra“appears with”The mask” character from the 1994 film of the same name and the protagonist of “Beetlejuice, the super ghost”tape from 1988.

With this image, the actress also shows that it is not necessary to wear glamorous clothes to look incredible during a tour of the Rivera Maya, because with a very casual outfit you can steal glances, but above all, be comfortable to withstand the high temperatures of the weather.

Mariazel Olle came from Spain to Mexico to start her career on television, although she has done acting work and has been in projects such as “Esta Cañón” with Yordi Rosado, it was her participation in “Me Caigo de Risa” that placed her in the taste of the public, who follows her on her social networks such as Instagram where she already has 3.5 million admirers.


Mariazel shows off her curves with a spectacular outfit ideal for summer: PHOTO

Mariazel raises the temperature with a latex micro bikini: PHOTO

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