Luisito Comunica reveals human resources strategy: this is how he hires

  • Social Blade explains that along with Luisito Comunica, Yuya and Kimberly Loaiza are personalities of great influence in Mexico, through YouTube.

  • Mercer measured the world’s top HR best practices. There are 9 practical trends in it.

  • The investment in the training of human talent maintains a unique projection of the expected numbers in billions of dollars within this segment, according to Training Industry.

Luisito Communicates revealed his strategy human Resources and everything you need to become the youtuber with the greatest influence in Mexico, according to Social Blade.

His strategy is simple and is based on the production of the videos he publishes on Youtube and social networks like Facebookwhich add up to millions of views, ceasing to be a simple content creator to a company that employs talent.

Around this practice, Mercer esteem that there are trends in skills of critical employees. The main one of them 2021 in which the research was carried out was to identify new skills and capabilities required for operations post-COVID19. The 53 percent of HR professionals voted for this trend.

A 48 percent chose the development of skills for remote work and 45 percent exploration of paths, to develop skills based on the talent of each collaborator in a company.

These insights they reveal very interesting activities and are largely based on the opportunity that opens up to new forms of employment. A great example of this occurs with digital nomads, people with skills in this medium who work remotely, traveling the world with the earnings they obtain from this work and always thinking about their journeys based on it.

A brother abroad the investigated and this year it released the results of what types of contracts are subject to. For the most part, that is, 83 percent of them, he acknowledged that they are self-employed; 66 percent he said they have their own businesses; other 34 percent assured that they are freelancers or work by project and only one 17 percent Said to be employed by a company.

Human Resources and Luisito Comunica

Luisito Comunica confirmed that to be the youtuber with the largest number of subscribers in Mexico, it is necessary to be a company that makes human resources publish their videos and reveal a new insights: the influencers are opening vacancies in the labor market.

During an interview for Mecatitlán, a podcast thought about this matter, the famous youtuber He explained that he is based on two main editors, who receive the cut material and have to carry out activities such as adding text and music.

Another of the positions that Comunica handles is “trimmer editor” and an administrator of Facebook. The strategy of influencerhe explains, is to outsource through his Community Managerso that they publish new videos, reuse old content, cut it to convert 13-minute videos into one of five with the format of the social network, to viralize the content.

This labor practice of Luisito Comunica is not new, in fact it is a growing trend in the market, where personalities from onlyfans they hire assistants to answer private messages.

@juanlombana.mercatitlan My team is the KEY to PRODUCING so many videos #youtube #creadoresdecontento #luisitocomunica #businesses #learnontiktok @luisitocomunica ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

The research carried out by Mel Magazine He stated that this market of account managers follows the practice of the ccommunity managerssince they make the passwords and users of these personalities to answer the messages they receive.

the industry of influencers It grows and the volume with which this business must be attended has motivated valuable tasks in human resources not only because of the new vacancies created, but also because of the growing number of talents required for these new work activities.

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