LoL – Riot reveals the Udyr rework: This is how the champion will change after his big update

Update (08/06 – 12:15)

Riot Games has revealed Udyr’s abilities in detail and in a very particular way…

Riot Games wanted to do something special with the Udyr rework and the developers have revealed his abilities ahead of schedule. All to pay tribute to one of the best-known streamers in the history of League of Legends who made this champion his hallmark.

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Riot Games will pay off one of its large outstanding debts to the gaming community very soon. League of Legends. After more than a year and a half of waiting since Udyr was announced as the winning champion in the Season 11 rework poll, players have been patiently waiting for this character to be fully revamped. A huge update that now shows his ultimate form. There are big changes to the Spirit Walker base model, all of his skins, and a new kit of abilities with which he promises to become one of the kings of Summoner’s Rift.

Riot Games reveals the final form of the new Udyr rework

As usual with new champion and rework announcements, Riot Games has not wanted to go into the details of the changes. However, the developer has shown a video that inevitably shows the most important features. Thus, the new appearance that the character will have from now on or some new abilities inspired by some deep aspects of the lore of League of Legends is confirmed. As the developers anticipated, now instead of invoking the spirit of different animals, Udyr gets his powers by taking the forms of the demigods of the Freljord, the northernmost region of Runeterra.

In any case, Riot Games wanted stay true to the original essence of the champion and has not introduced anything out of the ordinary. Udyr will keep his basic attacks powered up and, at least from what has been shown so far, he will not have any special characteristics. In addition, the identity signs of the spells that we knew seem to be maintained. They have revamped effects and it seems like some way to buff their spells similar to the “super stance” the devs were talking about in the early months. However, it cannot be clearly seen how he is able to achieve it.

In this sense, in the video shown so far we identify the following skills…

  • One of Udyr’s positions gets a shieldsimilar to how it works now
  • The champion maintains his ability to stun enemies with basic attacks somewhere in his kit. In this form, the champion seems to be able to become a sort of Ornn ult where he becomes immune to control effects.
  • Somehow, you can summon a area of ​​effect similar to Anivia’s ultimate. This area seems to move independently of the character.
  • In one of his postures he achieves some kind of electric effect whose function is unknown.
Udyr's demigod forms were chosen very early in development - League of Legends
Udyr’s demigod forms were chosen very early in development

Hopefully Riot Games will provide details on the functionality of all of the character’s abilities over the next few days and introduce the new version of the champion on PBE very soon. Based on the developer’s history, it seems very likely that Udyr’s rework will land permanently in League of Legends on the occasion of the next patch 12.16. End of the wait for a champion who crushed his rivals in the aforementioned Season 11 poll, becoming a unanimous request from the community.

The wait was somewhat longer than the community expected, but League of Legends is finally preparing to receive Udyr’s rework. Riot Games has already carried out the first presentation and it is very easy to know what day and at what time the character will be available permanently.

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