Layda Sansores was captured in Argentina and justified that she traveled for “personal matters”

Layda Sansores was captured at the Buenos Aires Airport

Layda Sansoresgovernor of Campeche and official related to the so-called “4T”, was captured on video at Ezeiza Airport, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and argued that it was to “deal with matters of a personal nature” as a reason. It was through the State Social Communication Unit (UCS) that the fact was confirmed after a recording of the official walking through a foreign terminal circulated on social networks. It is presumed that she is in Argentina.

Without detailing the fate of Sansores, the UCS issued a statement in which it assured that the governor correctly followed the process that allows you to leave of his activities at the head of the state by having communicated the fact in writing to the state legislators. The text cites the second paragraph of article 67 of the state Political Constitution as the basis of the facts.

“The temporary absences of the Governor for up to fifteen days will be replaced by the Secretary of the Government. If the temporary absence exceeds fifteen days, but is less than sixty days, the Secretary of the Government will be in charge of the Office or, failing that, the official appointed by the Governor himself from among the heads of the dependencies (…) The The substitution to which this paragraph refers will be communicated, in writing, for the purposes that may arise, to the representatives of the other two local powers”, says the Magna Carta.

Layda Sansores San Roman, Governor of Campeche.  PHOTO: MOISES PABLOCUARTOSCURO.COM
Layda Sansores San Roman, Governor of Campeche. PHOTO: MOISES PABLOCUARTOSCURO.COM

In the statement itself, it was detailed that the official had scheduled an appointment with the president Lopez Obrador that he had to cancel due to absence issues on August 1. Not so, a day later he was able to meet with Adam Augusto Lopezhead of the Ministry of the Interior, with whom he “discussed important issues in the country’s capital” and which resulted in not being able to broadcast his weekly program “Jaguar Tuesday”.

With the First Government Report to offer, Sansores also canceled broadcast of the edition of Tuesday 9 to prepare his presentation. Without more information about the trip or when he returns, the UCS assured that the report will be delivered in writing to the state congress as required by law, next Sunday, August 7, four days before presenting it publicly.

Next Thursday, August 11 at 6:00 p.m., the Governor will issue a message on the 1st report of her government to the people of Campeche at the Campeche XXI Convention Center, which will be open to the general public and will also be broadcast on open television and through the various digital platforms”, it reads. Sansores is about to complete a year in office after having sworn in as governor since September 15, 2021.

Layda Sansores could obtain precautionary measures from the TEPJF for gender-based political violence. PHOTO: MICHAEL BALAM/CUARTOSCURO.COM
Layda Sansores could obtain precautionary measures from the TEPJF for gender-based political violence. PHOTO: MICHAEL BALAM/CUARTOSCURO.COM

A few days ago, President López Obrador declared that he would change the banner of “republican austerity” to begin a transition towards “franciscan poverty” this while preparing a series of measures with which it will seek that public officials be “fasten the belt” and avoid falling into the “claws of waste”.

Nevertheless, from first class travel or very expensive bags, some actions of those who make up the “4T” question whether this is true. In the last elections within Morena, Elizabeth Garcia Vilchisin charge of the section “Who is who in the lies” in the morning, was caught skipping the line to vote and also with a luxury bag.

Epigmenio Ibarra was pointed out through social networks for traveling first class on a flight from Miami to Mexicobesides wearing pants Ermenegildo Zegna, high cost item. In 2020, Marcelo Ebrard was pointed out by one of the watches he was wearing in a video which is valued at around 14 thousand dollars. Just to mention a few cases that have generated criticism and that apparently, they go against what was instructed by AMLO since the beginning of his administration.


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