La Jornada – AMLO announces that the Mayan Train will remain in the custody of Sedena

Calpulalpan, Tlax. Once his government ends, the Mayan Train will remain in the custody of the Ministry of National Defense “because we want them not to be privatized and then pass into the hands of companies” and “if the Ministry of Communications or another company is left to them, they can be that it is made easier for them to take these works away from them, ”said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In addition, he stressed that “by then I will no longer be supreme commander, but I am going to leave a recommendation that they not allow the people’s assets to be delivered to individuals.”

During different acts that he led this Friday in the entity, among which he supervised the implementation actions of the IMSS-Wellness system, he stated that “now the conservatives are very angry because 600 specialists from Cuba are going to come to help us, medical specialists, 600, because health is a human right, it has nothing to do with ideology, it has nothing to do with politics. And if they don’t like it, then there they are, but we, I mean the conservatives, we are going to comply with our plan that they have all the specialists in the hospitals.”

However, the announcement of his administration regarding the hiring refers to the 500 Cuban doctors and specialists who will arrive in the country.

Later, he inaugurated the facilities of the Welfare Bank in Calpulalpan, where he reiterated that the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the recent “tension” in Asia, have caused “an increase in gas and electricity prices, and the winter and we do not want people in other countries to suffer and assure them that in our country we are not going to have that problem because we are strengthening the CFE and also guarantee them that the price of electricity is not going to increase”.

Facing residents of Calpulalpan who heard his message even from the rooftops, he reiterated his approach to make a truce in the world, and avoid wars to allow economic recovery.

As part of his proposal, he asked “the heads of state, the powers, to act responsibly, not to think anything else of the economic, political, and military elites; think of the peoples. Because if there is a problem like this world inflation, well here the price of tortillas increases and in other countries the price of bread, and what fault do people have for the interests of these countries?

He also lamented that the armed conflicts have generated displaced persons, deaths of innocents and the affectation of the economy of many countries.

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