Khaby Lame: This wins the popular tiktoker on social networks

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Most of the most famous content creators around the world have explained that their career started as a hobby.Today over time it became a job that is currently one of the most envied and most sought after by new generations.

Nowadays it is more and more complicated to become a content creator for social networks and generate income because there are more people with the same goal. Without a doubt, the motivation of most young people is the lifestyle they see through their screens.

For security, heMost influencers do not disclose their earnings from social media and many try to guess their incomeare generally larger than a user might imagine.

Khaby Lame is the user with the most followers on the social network, TikTok. He is only 22 years old and has more than 147 million followers, quite an impressive figure for his young age. Its content, despite being considered simple, has managed to attract the attention of many people.

Lame’s life changed two years ago with the arrival of the pandemic because he worked in a factory in Italy but was fired due to staff cuts. Due to his free time and social isolation, he decided to create content on TikTok.

The young man never imagined that his comical expression when denying viral tricks would become so popular on the platformso much so that according to the portal specialized in quantifying fortunes, CA Knowledge, Khaby Lame has more than 13 million Dollars in your bank account, that is, more than 200 million Mexican pesos.

The figure that Khaby has managed to accumulate thanks to social networks without saying a single word is impressive, it must be taken into account that a content creator also generates income by having collaborations with recognized brands and publishing about them.


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