Jorge Meré’s show of loyalty to Club América is applauded by the fans

Friday, August 05, 2022

Although it is beginning Matchday 7 of Opening 2022 of the MX League, the America club already defined the new destiny for the Spanish defender, Jorge Merewho will strengthen the cadre of gabriel knightbecause it was not considered for the present project of the azulcrema technician Ferdinand Ortiz by having the choice for other elements.

Emotional action by Jorge Meré after his departure from Club América

The Mazatlan gunboats They already announced the arrival of Jorge Mere for this one Opening 2022 of the MX Leaguehowever, the original Oviedo, Spain made a significant gesture with the Eagles of America since in his biography of his social networks he left the sample fidelity with the azulcremas when writing: “@ClubAmerica player on loan at @Mazatlanfc”.

This small but significant detail of Jorge Mere was applauded by fans America club acknowledging his loyalty to the team that brought him to the MX League. On the other hand, the Spaniard has also been praised for facilitating his exit from Coapa, unlike other players who are reluctant to leave El Nido (Bruno Valdez and Federico Viñas), despite the fact that it is to the benefit of the team.

The 25-year-old defender also decided to retweet the publication with the farewell message issued by the America club pronounced with a: “Thank you, Eagles! See you!”. Fans immediately left comments to wish him success in his new project, trusting that he would return to Coapa better.

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