Italian becomes a fan of Puebla and sings in the CuauhtémocMediotiempo

They say well that the Mexicans and the Puebla of Nicholas Larcamon they fall in love And to test the story of an Italian who has become a fan of La Franja thanks to living a unique experience in the Cuauhtemoc StadiumThis is because he was invited to watch a live game of the sweet potato team.

The Italian who became a fan of Club Puebla

The story was told in the account of TikTok from @yuyo.oficial, where he details that met an Italian named Diego who is a fan of Inter Milanbecause he rents her a house, but after having a heated talk about soccer, decided to take him to see La Franja.

I met an Italian on Airbnb that I rent and invited him to the stadium to see my team“, can be read at the beginning of the video, while the entire story begins to be documented, which begins with the invitation.

“Brother Diego. I’m here to invite you to a soccer game because yesterday we were talking about soccer. and I know you’re a fan of Inter Milan, but I’m going to take you to see my team: Puebla de La Franjasays the Mexican.

Once the Italian agreed to go see the Puebla to the Cuauhtemoc Stadiumboth of them they go to a store for Diego to buy his shirt of the sweetpotatoes.

I brought my friend Diego to buy his shirt, put it on… I am already turning him into a fan of Puebla, so we come for the shirt and there is already an italian poblano“, adds the landlord.

Finally, the video culminates with the presence of both in the stands of the Cuauhtémoc Stadiumwhere you can see the fans chanting in favor of the Larcamón team: “Puebla, Puebla… Give it, give it, give it, give it Puebla“.

Exchange of shirts: Buffon for Cuauhtémoc Blanco

In another video, the Mexican and the Italian they did a t-shirt swapon the one hand the Aztec gave him the shirt of the Puebla with the name of Cuauhtemoc Blanco and the number 10, while the European gave him one from Parma with number 1 and the name of Gianluigi Buffon.

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