if there is no progress in rescue in Sabinas, one of them will go down

Sabinas, Coahuila.- Relatives of the 10 miners trapped in some coal pits in the Las Agujitas community, in Sabinas, Coahuilaissued an ultimatum to the federal and state authorities: if there is no progress in the rescue, one of them will go down to measure the water level and verify the conditions of the mine.

After an acrimonious meeting with federal and state Civil Protection officials, where relatives complained about the slowness in the desilting of water and the delay in the entry of the team of divers, it was determined that if there are no results in the next few hours, a relative with mining experience.

Santiago Cecilio Moreno Leyva, relative of two miners trapped, said that “tomorrow they will authorize me, because if the divers don’t go down, I’m going to go down. I think the divers are afraid or are waiting for a depth of 5 meters”.

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“They are going to authorize me to go down tomorrow. I want to see what the depth is, really how much water has been removed and not be measuring with lassoes, how are they doing it”.

The also miner, who came from Sonora, said that there is a good chance that the 10 workers will find themselves alive in a kind of bell in the wells where there is air, but it is necessary to speed up the rescue.

“We had a meeting with the authorities, there is discomfort because there is no progress. It is centimeters of water that has lowered the level, there is already desperation and that is why we are summoning. It is an agreement of the 10 families,” said Blanca Rivera, cousin and aunt of the miners José Moreno Rubio and José Moreno Junior.

“Yes, there is hope because there is an air pocket in a place called the bell. If they were dragged by the current of water to the bell, there is hope, but also frustration due to the slowness of the rescue.”

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