“I asked him to be clear and speak up”

In an interview with ESPN, the former Cruz Azul and Chivas player narrated how the talk with the Argentine coach took place to seal his departure from Vigo

The Mexican soccer player Orbelin Pinedaacknowledged that his brief stage with the Celta Vigobut he assured to be grateful with Edward Coudetcoach of the Spanish club, for supporting him in fulfilling his goal of finding a team that will give him the minutes he wants for the Qatar World Cup.

In interview with Leon Lecanda of ESPNthe former player of Blue Cross stated that he spoke with Coudet before the holidays and the Argentine told him that he would not have much participation, so both came to the conclusion that it would be better to leave the squad.

“He was willing (Coudet), he gave me the opportunity and told me ‘go ahead, I’m not going to cover you up at any time, yes,’ he told me, ‘sometimes it’s going to be difficult with me to be able to enter or participate, but if you you have the illusion that you are going to play, to compete and you are going to be in the competition for the Mexican teamgo ahead, I’m not going to cover up any steps or anything’, and that also speaks well of him, that he opens doors for you, that he doesn’t close them and at the club I sat down with (the president) Carlos Mourinho and told him I said to him as well as I sat with him ‘Chacho‘ (Coudet), I did it with Carlos and they gave me the opportunity to go out and now we are on this side (AEK of Athens),” said the Mexican, who does not question the coach’s decisions, but only asked for clarity about it.

“The (Edward Coudet) always had his conditions, his priorities, although he is still the coach and that must be respected, he decides who plays and who does not. I am one more worker, I am one more club player, I am a team player and unfortunately I did not get to play as I expected or as I imagined. From the first moment, before the holidays, I was clear with him (Coudet) and told him ‘I need to play because there is a World Cup next door, I can’t risk that if I stay with you, I don’t know if I’m going to play or not, I want you to be clear and speak upfront’. I think that people have to talk to us face to face, whether or not you enter into plans and look for a solution, “he said.

Despite being grateful to Edward Coudet for your support in finding a new club, Orbelin Pineda He stated that he always worked to the maximum in the Celta Vigo and he regrets not having received important opportunities from the helmsman.

“Yes, the truth is that it was somewhat difficult, I have already said it several times, I came from playing at Cruz Azul and I arrived at Celta and it was all different, it was a change in me, in my position, that now I do not have to play They don’t take me into account and the only thing I could do was keep working, wait for the opportunity, and I think the opportunity I was hoping for didn’t come. That’s why I’m also very attached to being here, to being able to compete, moment I said ‘I’m going to throw in the towel’, the truth is I believe in my ability, I feel that I can have many more minutes and mature, improve, I have always clung to my dreams and this was one of them, cling to it, continue transcending, continue participating , mature much more and experience football more,” he said.

On the other hand, Pineda revealed that he did not speak with Gerardo Martinotechnical director of the Mexican teamabout his movement to AEK of Athensbut he is sure that “Tata” is happy with his decision to stay in the Old Continent.

“The truth is that I didn’t have a chance to talk to him. “Tata” (Gerardo Martino)but I was talking with his assistant that I told him that I was going to be moving and holding on here, because we know that ‘Tata’ and the entire coaching staff like that the Mexican is in Europe, that he is transcending, that he is having his great experience to be able to improve yes or yes and that helps us to learn a lot about football and to improve, which is the most important thing because that helps us a lot also at the level of the Mexican team“, he stated.

Finally, Orbelin Pineda made it clear that his decision to join AEK Athens was due to his relationship with Matias Almeyda. The Aztec said that it was key to know that he will have the support of the Argentine coach.

“There were several opportunities, there were teams in Spain and Mexico, but also the election (for the AEK of Athens) was because of the coach’s trust (Matias Almeyda), because of the disposition, because I know him, I know how he works and I also thought more about the comfort of one, that you come with the intention of working and that you have the support of the coach, that you know that he knows you and just put your work , your grain of sand and being able to raise it in what they ask of you here and that was what moved me the most, motivated me and that is why I also decided to be on this side and be able to have minutes, which was the most important thing, “he said.

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